November 18, 2010

Peacefully Paced

I have too many jobs...No, seriously...

I am a self-employed, free-lance, early childhood, consultant.
Whew-that's a mouth full.

Somewhere along the way. I ended up with
FIVE, separate, paying jobs.

I'm not complaining about being blessed with income.
I'm not complaining about folks wanting to pay me for my gifts.
No, not complaining at all.

I'm just, once again, realizing that, I have gotten WAY out of balance.

Too many jobs, not enough rest!
Too many jobs, that cause me to be at a rushed pace, not peacefully paced.

Here are my five answers to that call:

1. Starting this morning, I spoke up. I asked my husband for help.
You know what?
He helped and I was actually able to sit down and WRITE this post.

2. Today, I am going to be peacefully paced in my work
and "catch up" on some little things.

3. I decided to take off the entire week of Thanksgiving from all five of my jobs.
No classroom visits, no parent meetings, no teaching,
no training, no counseling, no emails,
no phone calls, no crying, no tissues...
just resting, healing, and bringing my body back into balance.

4. I will take care of my mind and body again,
with yoga, massages, good food,
good friends, and sound sleep.

5. I will work each moment to be peacefully paced and not let unbalance slip in again.

peace and love


  1. You are one busy lady! I had no idea you had 5 jobs.
    You certainly do deserve some time off.
    Big Hugs to you!

  2. Way to go sis! Take that time for you, and enjoy every second of it. It is very easy juggling so much to where you get side-tracked and thrown out of whack. That said, I'm glad to know you are able to step back, reevaluate and take care of you. Love you. <3

  3. You know what, Gerri, I really like this post. It's honest. I'm really glad to hear that you are going to gift yourself with the rest you need. And it's so important to have a partner who you can ask for help and get it. Thanks again for reading and leaving your wonderful comments as always.

  4. You are a superwoman for sure taking on all those jobs. I think that a plan for rest and relaxation is just what you need. Wishing you peace, my dear friend.

  5. i am right there with you babe...i need to work in some of your steps in my day :)


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