January 29, 2011

"Gadget" meet "Handmade"

I have a confession...I'm a gadget girl.
I guess I always have been.

It began when I was 12 and I got my own portable, recordable cassette player.
Wow!! That meant I could record music off the radio!!

I graduated to a cassette walkman and then a cd one.
In college I had a pager. In grad school I got my first cell phone!!

Years later...I entered the world of APPLE.
As a family we have lots of Apple gadgets.

My newest one is my iPad.
I quickly picked out a cool skin to jazz it up a bit.
(Click here if you want one for yourself.)
I then thought it would be groovy to have my friend
willowluna sew this amazing case.
Look at her handywork!

So, although I'm a gadget girl,
I still love color, nature and handmade beauty.

peace and love


  1. LOOOOOOOVE! That case is gorgeous. And you know I'm all about the gadgets :)

  2. I think the ipad would be a lot of fun. I could also see myself as going gadget crazy. I just haven't had my hands free for a while. How fun is that beautiful cover your friend made!

    I also think Naveen sounds like he was saying ladder. I had to listen to it a few times.

  3. What beautiful, vibrant colors. I love it! I want an iPad too. I think I could turn into a gadget girl real quick with that "toy."

  4. i noticed that on sunday and meant to say something...i love it


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