January 3, 2011

A Heart For Giving

Last night, Noah was watching a commercial and was moved.

The scene was a young boy taking care of his even younger brother.

They had little food, dirty clothing and dirty water.

Noah's response...

"Mom, give me the phone,
we need to call this number so they can come live with us."

I told him we could only give money,
but that they couldn't come all the way to our house.

Noah: "There should be a store where people can go
and give money to children who need clean water and food and clothes."

I am so grateful that my boy has a heart for giving.

And, maybe one day God will move us to open our home to a child who needs us...


  1. He has such a beautiful heart. You are blessed. And you are such a wonderful mother:)

  2. He is a giver. That is awesome, we all need to have that heart to help.

  3. Noah has such a great heart. Love that kid!

  4. God bless Noah!! He's a true miracle of love and joy that blesses our world. He will do so much for all around him as he grows. What a remarkably compassionate and loving young man. And what a smile :)

  5. I'm not surprised that he's so kind hearted. It's a tribute to you and Devin that you are raising a good man. I hope my sons will be the same. It's so important Gerri!


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