February 9, 2011

Boys and Girls

What happens when you mix

an Early Childhood Educator

with some pretty cool kiddos?

A pretty awesome


With a little of this,

and a lot of that!!!

And plenty of this,

and don't forget a smidgen of that...


  1. i am sure they had a blast....it looks like they will want to come back all of the time :)

  2. Haha, love it! They had such a good time :) You're an awesome mama and teacher!

  3. Oh my word! It looks like everyone had the absolute BEST time. The stage you teach is one of my absolute favorites. They are just so eager to learn and soak things up! LOVE that!

  4. Now that's a playdate!! Noah is so very lucky to have such a plugged in Mommy! That dog looks like he's getting a lot of love!


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