March 12, 2011

Goodbyn Update Part III-A Year Later

A year later,
It's still going strong...

The stickers are in perfect condition...

(Noah added a Star Wars and Pokemon sticker.
They are not part of the original Goodbyn set and are peeling off.)

and the lunchbox is practically like new.

Well worth the $25 dollars.


  1. I forgot about this. I've been fretting about September when Deaglan will be going to all junior kindergarten. He eats non-stop from the time he gets up till bed. I don't know where it's going (well that's not true - I'm still changing diapers:(. Anyway, I worry all the time about knowing how much food to send to school. This would be perfect Gerri!! Where did you find this??? My sister lives near Detroit, I could ask her to grab one if it is a US specific store. LOVE it and that Noah must be one neat little boy to have kept it in this shape for a year!!

  2. I have canceled my subscription to Good Housekeeping... Why would I pay for their great product commentaries when I can have a dear friend's for free?
    Love you so much, Gerri!

  3. gonna have to ponder this this time....sort of skimmed over it last time but i realized in thinking about it that i use about 6 or so ziploc baggies per day and could have easily paid for this in about two/three months or so...hmmmmm.......

  4. Wow! Has it been a year already? It looks great. I need to get one of those for my guys.

  5. Seriously thinking about this for the upcoming school year in the fall, especially for Jared since food allergies are an issue. Oh, btw, I finally found some sunbutter last week, and even though Jared doesn't care for it (even before the nut allergy he never liked pb), DeNeil and Aiden thing its the best thing out since...peanut butter! Well worth the extra cost, if it means they both can have the snack they really enjoy. Thanks, sis. :)


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