May 16, 2011


It's been a little over a week since we moved all of our things to our new place.

We are adjusting to living in a space that is 1,000 square feet smaller than our previous home.

It's been worth it!

The convenience of having some of our very favorite spots within 5-20 (instead of 60) minutes away of our new place, has been worth it alone.

But, one thing I will surely miss is my:

But that's ok, I'm adjusting...

I was a bit worried about not seeing lil' guys like this on a consistent basis.

But, you know what? Guess who came to visit right outside of our balcony and patio one Saturday evening?

It's as if these deer were our little welcoming committee.

I think adjusting will flow easier and easier as the days go by.



  1. What a beautiful sign, your visitor! I can imagine the challenges of a smaller than you're used to space. But like you, I love being close to places in town. Hugs Gerri!

  2. I am glad you're adjusting well :) I am also going to miss your tub..the thought of your tub lol

  3. Wow. What a view and a sign of welcome. When we were looking at the house we currently live in we came back around dusk to see drive past again with the agent. At the end of the road we saw a group of deer much like those in your picture and it seemed to harken to us--"you've found home."

  4. Congratulations again Gerri! Hope to be able to see the new place sometime. The view out the window looks marvelous!

  5. So glad you're new place is coming together so well! I love that family of deer welcoming party!!! How magical :)


  6. Hope the adjustment continues to go well. It is always hard moving and getting use to a new place.

  7. It's so beautiful where you live!!!

  8. glad you are finding beauty in your new smaller space. i can't wait to go smaller myself. less to take care of and more time to play and enjoy the present.

    thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment about my DIY camera bag.

    have a loveLee weekend!


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