May 24, 2011

Fifteen...Part 1

Fifteen years ago I was headed to Detroit to my Nanny's house.

You see, my younger siblings and I had decided to have a sleepover.
It was tricky getting us all together back then. They lived so far away. Even harder now with us ALL over the country... Anyway, I digress.

That night was planned to be a night to reminisce and commemorate my last evening as a single woman.

That was all I wanted on that precious night before.
Time to spend with them and really let go of being their surrogate Momma, their big Sis. I had a new role ahead of me. I was to become one with someone else.

Gerri (top center), Sherri (bottom right), Archie (top right), Andre (top left), Bethany (bottom left),
and Laila (snuck in the bottom center)
Photo taken in 2007 after Nanny's memorial service.

It was so much fun!!
We stayed up late into the night and talked about the good ole days.

As everyone laid on the floor and dozed off, I looked over the room and thought,
"This is it.
My life will never be the same..."

...and, it wasn't.

To Be Continued


  1. I love that you are all so close! It's rare in large families. And that you did this on the night before your wedding??? Is AWESOME. Can't wait for part two!

  2. Love how you stayed up all night talking. Great memories to hold and treasure. Love the pictures too!


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