May 25, 2011

Fifteen...Part 2

~"One" in 2011~

Fifteen years ago,
I woke up from my sleepover and headed to my beautician so he could make my hair beautiful.

I had so many thoughts running through my head.

-Will my brothers (and brothers-in-love) be able to physically get everything ready?
-Will my girlfriends be able to get to the park and church to help Devin?
-Is my Mom and Dad ready to marry me?
-Are my spiritual brothers ready to sing all those songs during our wedding?
-Did all of the relatives make it here? Especially, the chartered bus of folks from Kentucky?
-Do we have enough seating? food?
-Did I forget ANYTHING?
-Am I ready???

Yes, I was!!

~One in 2010~

The day was lovely.
Our outside wedding, in the park where Devin proposed, was risky. It had rained the night before, but was bright and sunny on the big day.

~Our Park in 2009~

So many much many people...

Some of those folks have moved on and are no longer here on this earth. I cherish them. I thank each and every person who gave their love to Devin and I that day.

They helped us
become one.

Fifteen years ago, I married the man who is now part of me.
He is my lover, my companion, my best friend.
He is father to my son and the hero in my action-packed dramas.

~One in 1996~

He IS my soulmate...Happy Anniversary to us.

~One on Easter 2011~

much love everyone


  1. Beautiful my friend. He is the hero in my action-packed dramas. I love that Gerri! I love the wedding photo too. We had an outside wedding as well and the forecast was for thunderstorms. We didn't have a drop of rain!

  2. There is so much love and happiness beaming off your photos. Thank you for sharing your love with us. I feel blessed to know you. YOU are so beautiful. (and a beautiful couple, too!)

  3. Great pictures! Happy Annivesary to you and Devin! I love your wedding picture. So beautiful!

  4. All of the pictures are terrific Gerri! You both are gorgeous inside and out :) Happy Anniversary!!


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