June 2, 2011

I Almost Missed It On This One...

Whew, I almost missed out on noticing my boy's creativity.

Why, you ask?
Because it wasn't what I expected.

You see, I always thought I wasn't creative, for various reasons.
But, now I know I am.
However, I still have a lot of "garbage" to wash out of my head apparently.
Because, although my son has been "creating" all school year, I thought he wasn't.

No, he hasn't been painting pictures, or weaving, or sewing, or even drawing that much like last year.
No, He's. Been. BUILDING!!!

Take a look at some of his most recent pieces.

Inside the Box

Secret Compartment!!! shhh...

Swiveled Handle Toolbox

Bench Top

That also works as a Table in his reading nook!

He has a blood blister on one of his fingers from one of these nails...

The Birdhouse

He is so proud of all of his creations,
and I am too!!


  1. You make such a good point about defining creativity and art. I think we all do that. I didn't realize Shaune's cooking was art too.

    I love these creations Noah's built. I mean seriously. You couldn't buy such a beautiful and unique birdhouse! I love this age he is - he does so much! I look forward to this with my boys.

  2. Awesome! I don't mean to be gender stereotypical but I call it "Boy art!" It's more active and tangible. When they grow up, it turns into yard landscaping and home improvement projects but it's still art! :) My husband and dad are wonderful "artists". This definately deserves appreciation.

  3. he has some skills! i wonder what i could have him build me hahah....hmmmmm

  4. That's one creative fellow you have there!! Great job Noah :) Keep building, inspiring and spreading those creative wings!


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