July 19, 2011


Many moons ago, I took this course:

Two important things I learned were:

1) I am an artist.


2) I can journal anyway I wish.

As a child, I thought I wasn't good at art because, my drawings, paintings and sculptures didn't look like the teachers or other students.
Over time, even though I longed for art mediums, I told myself, "Why waste the money, you can't draw or paint."

As a teenager and then adult, I thought journaling meant filling pages and pages of a cool "Hemingway-like" looking bound book with thoughtful sentences.
I tried many times and started many, many, (no really) many journals...
that I eventually threw away.
I would write and write, but something was missing...

Because of Shannon's course, I am wiser.

I NOW know that my blog, full of thoughts and art (my pictures), is my public journal that I share with each of you beautiful people.
I also now have an art journal that I treasure.
It is my personal space, to capture my thoughts through writing as well as painting, doodling, drawing, and collaging.

This is my space where I work and journal.

These tools seem to be my favorite lately.

What's your avenue for expression?


  1. You are a beautiful artist. What a lovely post. I love your artwork and I so adore you!

  2. LOVE this post my friend. I know these feelings you've experienced. I too struggle with commonly defined roles of "writers" and it always makes me feel inadequate if I choose to believe it. Hugs and love to you my artist friend!

  3. Wow. I am thankful you took that course. How inspiring!

  4. you are such an artist...and I am so glad her course allowed you to see that :)

    my creative outlet varies...sometimes it is drawing, sometimes it is writing poetry...sometimes it is pictures...sometimes it is singing.

    I often find myself wishing I was more musical, i gave up piano after 4yrs but every once in awhile i get that desire again. so maybe one day soon my creative outlet will be music :)

  5. I love the artist within you. Your talent and creative spirit can't be stopped. I loved this post!

    Hopefully, I'll get on that poetry horse again soon :)

  6. Love that you have opened yourself up to being uniquely creative (both in art and writing), and that you have carved that space for yourself. I haven't been on blogs in a while to comment, but I love this post. :)

  7. Gerri,

    It's been awhile, but it sounds like you're thriving. I like that and I love your art.

    One of the things I noticed is how NEAT your desk is. How do you do this? Mine is always a mess.

    My favorite avenue for expression is writing. I've done it all my life and it's gotten me through some really tough times.

    I hope your summer is going well:~)


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