July 8, 2011

I'm a Gleek and Proud of It!!

Yep, I'm a Gleek...and proud of it.

My girl Briony scored floor seats to the live concert.

I, at first, was like, "Ok, this will be fun!"

When the concert started, let's just say I was like 13-years-old for about 5 minutes.

I recovered and my 38-year-old self sang, danced, and screamed the rest of the night.

Did I feel young and vibrant? YES!!

Did I have an amazing time? YES!!

Did I have my earplugs? OH YES!!!

Hahaha...peace and love


  1. If my friend Gerri is a Gleek, then I better get on board!!

    Great pictures!!

  2. I'm so jealous... I would have loved to have gone. I'm a gleek too! :)

  3. That is awesome!!!! I a Gleek too! Wish I couldve been there! :)


  4. I have to admit, any time I've tuned in to the show I've LOVED it. And I agree with Kelly, if you're a GLEEK than count me in.


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