September 19, 2011

Keep Going to the Top

We found this new park about 20 minutes away from our home.
We decided to explore it one day this summer.

It has this really cool spiderweb climber that Noah had to conquer.

He thought this was a trampoline in the middle, but nope...

I'm sorta glad, I don't think a trampoline in the middle of climbing ropes is a good idea.

He was determined to get to the top.
He actually asked me today, "Mom, how can you do things and never give up?"

First of all, I'm glad he recognizes perseverance in me.
I told him, "You just do it. You keep going and trying until you get it done."

Maybe not the most eloquent answer, but he got my point.
He made it to the top by the way...



  1. I love finding cool parks with different equipment in them! And that climbing thing looks really cool - for big boys. And I think it's awesome that he recognizes perseverance in you. It's so true that they do what we do, not what we say. I've been trying to teach Deaglan about the same thing in a very basic way. At this age, patience is not a strength and I keep telling him that everytime something doesn't work he can start again.

  2. Like mother; like son:~) Looks like perseverance runs in your family!

    That climber looked almost scary. I'm proud of Noah for conquering and, like you, glad there no trampoline in the middle.

    I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. You keep it simple and let me visit your life for a little bit. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. What a beautiful lesson. Today, a climbing spider web, tomorrow the world! He'll conquer anything with that attitude. Good job, Mommy.

  4. wow sooo fun! it looks like a really fun park...and i am glad that he recognizes how great you are. there are lots of qualities and lessons that he is going to learn from are one awesome momma!

  5. That is an awesome park! My kids would love it. Terrific pictures. There is no stopping Noah!

  6. First of all, that has to be the neatest climber I've ever seen. Second, gotta love those teachable moments that seem to come out of the blue. Third, what an amazing mom you are. No doubt that answer will stick with him for the rest of his life. :)


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