September 26, 2011

My Boy and I

Noah as "Green Lantern"
at a friend's recent Supermodel/Superhero BDay bash!

These past few days have been so much fun with my boy.

Singing to this new cd in the car...

Doing puzzles like these...
and playing an oldie but goodie

in this new mod version!

I have always been a lover of music, puzzles and board games.
I am so blessed to have a son that has similar interests.



  1. Okay that is one cool birthday party!! And Gerri I have to tell you, it is one of my greatest hopes that my children enjoy playing boardgames and puzzles and outdoors more than spending time on computers. It looks like you are doing all the right things by that beautiful handsome guy of yours.

  2. I love that lil guy and miss him dearly!

  3. Gerry,

    You are the mom I wished I had:~)

    Noah is very lucky!!!

  4. Love it! Before you guys came here, I almost was going to ask you all to bring some games to play. I miss that so much. That's my guy, give him a big hug for me.


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