October 7, 2011

iVisionary, iGenius...

In 1954, a pregnant single mother had a choice to make regarding her unplanned pregnancy.
She chose to go to term and deliver her baby boy.
She put her newborn son up for adoption to a loving family named Jobs, who named their son, Steven.
It shows how the choice for LIFE can change the world..."Christina Lusk"

iShuffle, iPod Classic, iTouch, iPad, Macbook Pro, iPhone

That's what makes our lives a bit easier at my house and it is because of this iVisionary, iGenius right here.

The story behind this photo:

Be at Peace and thank you for sharing the Love Steve.

Steve addresses Stanford graduates:


  1. have you watched his TedX speech or his Standford speech...if not I think you should youtube it you will like it.

  2. I had no idea his history. Thank you for this.

    On a different note - re Briony's comment - you posted a Ted talk with Brene Brown some time ago. I watched it and then several months later when I asked a psychologist friend to recommend some good books related to shame and healing, she too pointed me to that Ted talk and to Brene's books. I have been since reading her blog and reading her book. I'm always amazed at how God guides me. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this here with us. He was a visionary.


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