November 5, 2011

 We recently took a rode-trip to celebrate our Godson/Nephew's baptism. 
He's getting so big, he's becoming a young man right before our eyes.

It was a weekend of celebration.
The night before the baptism, we celebrated the twin's 6th birthday.
Although their birthdays were a week away, their parents made this happen; so that we could be there. 
Two cakes, two birthday songs, two amazing little men.

 One of my little men just loves taking pictures.
This shot tugs at my heart every.single.time...

We also celebrated the dedication of the newest brother.
He is sweet as apple pie (pun intended Sis!!).

Noah is an only child.
However, he is blessed with great friends (he is outside with one right now) and amazing cousins.

The truth is, these boys are not just his cousins, they are also his brothers.

peace, love, and family


  1. it looks like a good time with your family :) i love that posed shot of that little man...he is a doll.

  2. Gerri!!!

    I have missed me some Peace & Love. Now i need to catch up on the last few months :-)

  3. Gerri,
    I love that picture on the brown couch. That's a great one.

    It's nice that Noah has these cousins and that they are close in age. They'll have be connected through their memories of times like this one:~)

  4. Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! That one of the gorgeous twin posing - AWESOME!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! God bless all of them. Beautiful!


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