December 21, 2011

Break Days

My boy loves "break days"; days when he does not have to go to school. 
He gets to do things like play video games, play on the computer, 
but, most of all...spend extra time with his Dad and me.

On this break day, we hit the mall. I had a few more gifts to pick up for Christmas, so, we braved the crowd.

We only went to a couple key stores.

The LEGO store...


The APPLE store...

and Anthropologie... LOVE this place.

They always have the coolest displays.

The background is made from photo slides!!
How cool is that?

Once we were home, Noah decided to dig right into his new legos.

"Mommy, come play with me."
Of course, I did.

After two hours straight of sorting and connecting...

Here's his masterpiece, he doesn't want ANYONE to touch it.

Well, I'm off to another break day with my boy.

peace, love, and gratitude


  1. Love this Gerri! This photo story is such an awesome way to share the moments of your life. And an inspiration to me- I need a pick me up and I forgot how much I love Anthropologie just looking at it makes me happy.

    I'm off! And thank you for stopping by my blog your comments always make me smile.

  2. this is the best! to be so present with your son-- to be so engaged in where he is and what excites him-- wow, THAT is the greatest gift and what he will remember long after all the other prezzies have been opened, played with and outgrown . . such a beautiful post. xo, elizabeth

  3. That's my kind of "break" :) Great Lego creation. Isn't it fun to play with your boy? I'm glad that you always have fun together. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, my friend!!

  4. I sit here in envy hearing about some of the stores you have over there. Anthropologie - swoon. I'm so happy to hear that Noah still wants to hang out with you - it's what I want for my boys as they grow - to never outgrow us:)


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