December 14, 2011

Learning Curves

I've been exploring my creative side, digging deeper, finding out what inspires me. 
I'm learning that I'm ever changing, analyzing, figuring myself out. 
I'm a learner. It's what I do. It's what I crave.
Sometimes my learning can send me into a tizzy. Those learning curves can be fierce...

(Pocket-shot with my iPhone on my recent ascension up Stone Mountain.)

My newest goal was to create a blog button. 
I researched and researched...that's also what I do.
I'm proud to say that the research paid off. 
I did it and here's my button!

If you would like the code, look for it in the right column of my blog. 
Well, I'm off to do some more researching and learning.



  1. Gerri,

    That is the neatest picture. How did you take it? I love the swirl of it. It draws my eye to whatever it is in the middle. Actually, it looks like a multicolored tornado. Anyway, it's one of coolest photos I've seen awhile!

    Congratulations on the button. It's very nicely done. It's good that you are a learner. That's what life is about -- discovering new and wonderful things.

    Merry Christmas to you and I have a have a very happy New Year full of fierce, but exhilarating learning curves:~)

  2. I adore that picture, it's so unique. We are reading a great book at work, I'm sure you've heard of called Now discover your strengths. It comes with a code to do an assessment which gives you your top five strengths. It would be interesting to find out what yours are. One of mine is learner.

  3. Very cool picture Gerri! You're such an inspiring and creative woman. We are all lucky to know you :)


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