January 18, 2012

Rekindling a Fire

I used to spend lots of time in museums and libraries when I was younger.
Over the years, those excursions, for the most part, fell away.

I loved the calming "still" you can experience in libraries.
Sometimes, it's so quiet, that you can actually hear yourself think.

I'm also drawn to the architecture.

The simple lines...

I can get lost in the beauty.

In my quest to "expand" this year, 
I purpose to bring back the things that added joy to my life.
Spaces like this help me to get the creative juices flowing.
Most importantly, it will offer me a place where I can just sit back and think.



  1. I worked in a library for 6 years as an undergrad. I loved it too. Happy thinking to you, Gerri!

    1. Wow, I didn't know that! Very cool. :)

  2. Gerri,

    The photos are stunning. I love the first one, but the library ones are also beautiful.

    Where did you find a library with a fireplace. That would be great.

    BTW Like you, I love libraries. They are one of favorite places to go. I can spend hours walking through the books.

    This is one area I have difficulty with the advancement of technology. I fear, at some point, libraries and bookstores may disappear...taking with them their peace, the smell of books and feel of the paper when you open a new book (or an old one).

    Thanks for sharing this post:~)

    1. Thanks my friend! The first photo is right outside of our library (which is not even 5 minutes away). She make me smile. ;) I'm sad to say that these places are having shorter hours of even closing. We have to continue to support them! :)

  3. Ohhh, those are beautiful places!! I love your library there! I'm usually still in the children's section, watching my kids, but love it nonetheless. :)


    1. Yes, as you know this is one of our weekly spots!

  4. Beautiful post Gerri. You capture that peaceful tranquility that overcomes one in special places so well with these words and pictures.

  5. Wow what a beautiful library!!! When I was in university I used to sit in diners or coffeeshops and write. I yearn for that again. Maybe I'll create some space in my life for it.

    1. Yes!! Go for it. ;) You deserve it...


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