February 3, 2012

The Big Ole Pretty Beast

(in my "Animal from the Muppets" voice)

I'm so excited!!!!

I'm taking the Big Ole Pretty Beast out of state tomorrow.

We're headed here!

Can't wait to learn more about shooting this film.
It makes me swoon....

Oh, and I'm also excited because I was 
so very sneaky
and loaded this film into this camera.
It belongs to my boy and he gets to use it for the first time tomorrow. 
He will have fun making pictures with his Daddy...

Ahhhh, I LOVE surprising him!!!

I'll be back soon to report on how the workshop went.

peace, love, and gratitude


  1. Aww...I hope you have SO much fun! I know Noah will love being able to take pictures. What a treat it will be to see the world through his eyes. Love you! :)

    1. Thanks Sis! I will make sure to post his shots! Love You too!! :) xo

  2. Yeah:~) I hope you have a great time at the workshop. Please share pictures and DEFINITELY share Noah's if you can.

    1. I will! I'm excited about sharing the photos. My niece joined in on the fun too. Post to come. :)

  3. I love this idea of getting him into photography and this is the perfect medium you've settled on. I think the instant gratification will keep him in! What a beautiful poloroid.

    Also, I could learn from how you jump into an interest wholeheartedly. I've thought so often about taking a writing workshop but have never followed through.

    1. I think that has been such the key for him. Using the 35mm was fun, but not as fun as watching his photo literally come to life! Oh, Kim, you SHOULD...I think you would have fun. :)

  4. Fun, fun, fun. And I'm sure Noah will be loving this new adventure too!

    1. Noah just told me yesterday he's a camera collector now. lol


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