March 14, 2012

Hunting Light

I'm taking a new photography course with Vivienne McMaster. It is a 30 day course on exploring light with your photographic eye.

The cool thing about how the course is set up is, you can do the course at your own pace. You have the choice to purchase the course and do it along with others. Or, you can purchase the eBook and do it at your own pace. Both options cost the same price. I chose the "at my own pace" option. With my busy life schedule, I wanted that freedom.

I enjoyed looking for light today. Here's one of my favorite iPhone captures:

iPhone 4s capture; Retro Camera App-FudgeCam

Over the next few weeks, I will share photos from my "Light Hunting". It's only Day 1 for me and I'm already having a blast.

peace and love


  1. Gerri..... I can't wait to see how you like this photography class. I'm gearing up to take photo mediations next month.... but this looks amazing also!!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I loved Susannah's Photo Meditations. There's not much of Susannah's that I don't like! :)

  2. this sounds a great course, look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks so much. I've been shooting like a crazy woman. ;)


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