March 26, 2012

Mindful Monday-Letting Go

It pains me to see this go
What once was
is no more

To breathe
To be free
I can not linger

I won't wait
Letting go

I'm participating in Mindful Monday with beautiful Stephinie at Gypsy Forest.


  1. Hi Gerri!!!

    your smile is just radiant-- I want to hang out with you and drink tea and chat-- I can tell you have lots of stories with GREAT laughter mixed in-- I can feel it from here-- and did you take that photo above? it is gorgeous-- am loving on that pink and red-- loving.

    thank you for stopping by mysticvixen and sharing such kind words--that made me feel very special, thank you. xoxox, e

    1. Hi e,

      Awww, you're wonderful! I would love to chat with you too. :) I will be at Squam by the Sea, so maybe this will happen! Yes, I took this right near my boy's school one morning.

      Thanks Hon!! xo

  2. gerri, this photo is hauntingly lovely. captivating.
    the mistiness seems to reflect well your thoughts on letting go...

    1. Thanks michelle. It was a misty day and I was in a misty mood. I guess it was a perfect combination. Thanks for your encouragement, it means a LOT! xo

  3. This picture is so beautiful and magical I love to see Georgia through your eyes, it is so different then I ever saw it! Everything you shoot is somehow grounded and mystical all at the same time. What a gift you have!

    How is the blogging class with Susannah? Send me an update on it I'm dying to hear all about it!

    1. Thanks so much Michel, what a compliment!! Actually, this is Michigan, where I live. The shots I took in November were from a visit with family in Georgia. ;)

      The blog class is amazing! I'm learning so much and opening up to finding my true blogging voice. ;)

  4. Gerri, this photo is stunning! It is both haunting and breathtaking. It is perfectly paired up with your poem.


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