April 23, 2012


When I began this blog over three years ago, the first thing that came to mind was the title "Peace and Love". I now know the title's meaning is two-fold. It expresses what I want to show to others, as well as what I need to show my "self".

Over the past year or so, I've been learning how to better love myself. Much of this has come from my work in the eCourses I have taken. Many of the courses have helped me slow down, ask questions, and listen "in" to answers from my "self." They've help me see that I'm not being "selfish" by loving on "me". I've learned that in order to be healthy enough to show others compassion, I must also do the same for me.

These are some of the ways I practice self-love:

-I take naps when my body craves them. Even if it's a 5-minute nap in the car in my son's school parking lot.
-I go to the movies by myself and purchase some of the tasty treats.
-I get pedicures and do regular lavender foot soaks at home.
-I see a manipulative therapist once a month to help my body heal from years of illness.
-I eat chocolate, because it's yummy.
-I pray and spend time with God every.single.day...
-I spend time outside, in nature, as much as possible.
-I cry when I feel like it and I laugh aloud when I feel like it.
-I say "Yes" when I mean yes, and I say "No" when I mean no.
-My newest addition to this list is: I no longer apologize for being me.

I know this list will change and evolve over time. The most important key is that this list exists and is never empty.

How do you take care of your "self?" How do you show your "self" love?

peace and love


  1. I particularly like your new addition to your list. Good for you learning to show yourself some love! We all need to do this.

  2. I just be me. I'm learning to eliminate people who don't celebrate life with me out of my life! It really drains you! Love this blog.

    1. I know that's right! Thanks Ma. :)

  3. a wonderful list you've shared, gerri. i especially love-I say "Yes" when I mean yes, and I say "No" when I mean no.

    loving on our selves is so very good...
    one thing for me is making time to write and photograph...creative time is so healing for me.

    1. I am starting to learn how to incorporate more of that for myself too. I just have to let go and have fun with it. :)

  4. Sweetness! I love these shots of you- they make me smile big! So exciting to see how your blog is growing and changing. XOXO M

  5. I love this beautiful and inspirational post. It's so important. Thanks for sharing these sacred parts of you.

    1. Thanks Kim! It was nice to reflect and remember. ;)

  6. Pure Acceptance. I love it.


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