April 10, 2012

Top Five Tuesday

Welcome to the second Top Five Tuesday, where I list some interesting things you might want to explore!

1) Evolution of smooth...This organic lip balm is a new favorite. I love the shape and have 4 different flavors!

2) Bloggers, want some new fonts? Check these out for FREE!

3) Love these celebs with their cameras, via Susannah.

4) Guilty Pleasure Alert! Saw this movie over the weekend...it was pretty funny!

5) Photographers, instant film is NOT dead.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. You take beautiful photos! Saying hi from CC3 :) Eeli

  2. Oh I love fonts! I will definitely be taking advantage of those. My husband would kiss you if I took your advice and watched that American Pie reunion. I'll have to think long and hard on it:)

  3. Also, Lord woman, you can take a breathtaking picture!!

  4. excellent list and I love the shot!

  5. The eos lip balms are sold at the Walmart I work at (or used to; my last day is next Thursday because I quit xD). They seem pretty cute, I think.

    I want to see that movie!! >.>

    And I've heard of Google webfonts. ;) Mine are hosted on my website though, under the theme's file of my current theme.

    1. I got mine at Walgreens. I've seen them at Walmart and I think, Target too. ;)

      You should go see it. :)

      Thanks for visiting!! xo


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