April 13, 2012

The Zoo

Recently, my boy had a week off from school. We scheduled play-dates for the week, one being a trip to our local zoo with a wonderful family from our school. We had such a wonderful time walking in the brisk 40-50 degree air and capturing all of the beauty.

I was so excited to try out my new toy! Most of the photos are taken with it. I had to quickly figure out exposure and had several blown-out shots. The photo above I salvaged, well at least I tried to. Luke has a special glow. :)

The boys are posing with a pretty real looking snake and her eggs. In the last picture, my son decided to stare down the gator/croc (I never know which is which). He never flinched and looked pretty menacing. Maybe he was asleep???

These are all (but one) shot with my Canon! I had SO MUCH FUN!

If you look closely at the mama chimp sleeping, you will see that she is sleeping on a rope! Her baby is balancing on her foot!! Mind-blowing... The chimpanzees were my favorite to watch. I think we stayed there for about 30 minutes. The way they comforted each other and interacted, was quite amazing.

The photo of the Arctic fox on the bottom was actually taken by my friend Kelly. She captured it perfectly and I couldn't resist!

The 3 grizzly cubs were adorable. Read about their story here.

Noah was fascinated with this bear's armpit. He is such a character. Luke just loves his silliness, the perfect combination.

The boys had fun and so did the adults. I just realized there is not one picture of the whole gang. Next time...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures!

  2. Oh, I love the zoo! I love that shot of your little boy looking into the aquarium. (The Canon is a lot of fun, isn't it?) It looks like you guys had a great time!

    1. Thanks Belle! Yes, I'm having so much fun. ;)


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