May 15, 2012

Top Five Tuesday

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday where I share some of my favorite discoveries!

1) It's getting warmer outside with lots of sunshine. Maybe you want to try this.

2) So excited to share this gem of LOVE with you!

3) These words of wisdom may heal your heart.

4) Fine tune your voice...

5) The video for this song is so stinkin' cool!

I hope you found something fun. Thanks for joining me and come again soon!!
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  1. Gerri,

    As usual I loved all five, but my favorite was the words of wisdom.

    The picture of the flowers is lovely. I assume that it is yours. I hope the photography is going well:~)

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I'm learning and growing. :)

  2. That song was introduced to me by my 5 year old nephew and I love the video!

    The words of wisdom were just what I needed to read today... thank you :)

  3. Hello Gerri - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm loving your photos as well as the links, those are a great idea!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you as well!

  4. The words of wisdom are perfect. Thanks Gerri :)


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