June 18, 2012

Washi Tape Rainbow

I really, really like Washi Tape. I've been using it to jazz up my art journaling.

For a while there, I was on sort of a "washi tape shopping binge." Purchasing my tape on Etsy, here and here. I collected some pretty cool colors and patterns. But, I had a problem. How do I store my colorful tapes??? 

After much deliberating, I surrendered to my "lack of space" issue and stacked them in a shelf on my desk.

I was not fond of this idea. My tape was cramped into a sort of cubby hole and I couldn't see most of the beautiful patterns and colors. But, what was I to do? 

Well, thanks to Pinterest. I came across this simple, but useful and amazing project.

Here's my version!!

My washi tape has a new home and I get to see its rainbow of colors anytime I wish.

If you want some ideas of how to use your washi tape, here's a Pinterest search. Enjoy!



  1. I love washi tape, and that is a great way to display it. Looks beautiful!

  2. Hi Gerri. So lovely to hear from you. Thank you. I love your washi tape!

  3. I'd never even heard of washi tape - how fun! Love the new storage solution!

  4. I've never even heard of washi tape but it looks FUN and I"m going to go find some! ALSO, love the storage solution. I sew quite a bit and in my projects I use a LOT of ribbon, this is a GREAT solution to see all my ribbon at once and NO DRAWERS for mice to dig around in!!!!

    1. Oh, yes, what a great idea for ribbon too! Have fun!! ;)

  5. I've never heard of Washi tape either - be interesting to see some of your work with it. And what lovely colours! I am so impressed by your tidy workspace - I vow to tidy at least my desk tomorrow. Really good storage idea.

    1. Oh, thanks so much! Yay, go for it!


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