July 22, 2012

7.22.02...He's 10 Today!!!

Happy 10th birthday to my Miracle Boy!!! I'm so grateful for God's gift. He gave us one fantastic lil' man...

After having his best bud from church sleep over on Friday, we headed out early Saturday morning for his celebration. Oh, these frowns are because I vetoed candy at 9am. But, I knew what goodies were to come. ;)

Noah has an amazing church family so, this is party #2. Read about party #1 here.

This movie themed party was so much fun. It turned out to be the perfect venue and event for our movie going family and friends.

After watching the movie, we headed to the party room for cake, punch, and fun! The children had a great time with the goo, sticky bubbles, sling-shot sticky animals, and each other. Parents joined in the fun too.

All in all it was a success! Look at these smiles. Those frowns turned upside down!!!

Happy Birthday to my Noah and on to our final party with schools friends...


  1. Happy birthday to your handsome son!

  2. Those polaroids are gorgeous! It doesn't hurt that your boy is such a beauty :) and what a lucky one he is to have a mama like you to love him deeply and to capture his sweetness in everyday life. Happy birthday Noah! xoxo m

    1. Oh, thanks for the compliment. I actually did some iPhone editing. ;)
      You are sweet! We do love him, he's a great boy! Thanks michel!

  3. happy {belated} birthday to your miracle boy!
    such a wonderful story...

  4. What a great set of memories and what a beautiful boy!

  5. What a wonderful party idea! And happy birthday to your beautiful miracle boy.


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