July 31, 2012

Top Five Tuesday

 Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday where I share some of my favorite discoveries!

1) Need an idea for all of those photos? Try this out!

2) "I want to orbit around your splendor like a satellite!" and other sayings...

3) Cucumbers rock!!

4) Healthy ways to beat the heat

5) Have faith and don't judge a book by its cover. *Kleenex Alert*

I hope you found something inspiring. Thanks for joining me and come again soon!!


  1. Gerri,

    You're right about Kleenex. I've been watching a lot of the Olympics and there have some amazing accomplishments, but watching this video brings it all into perspective.

    There are life's gold medals and Carly gets mine. She taught me to not make assumptions and maybe will open up how we treat and look at autistic children.

    Regarding the other four, they were great, but Carly's story will stay with me. Thanks for sharing it:~)

    1. My pleasure... That's exactly why I posted it. xo

  2. My mother-in-law introduced me to the gallery wall on the side of the fridge. It's a great way to change recent pictures out.


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