September 3, 2012

Noah's Waterpark Extravaganza

This past Friday we had Noah's final birthday celebration. Many families and friends from his school gathered at this wonderful waterpark to have a day filled with FUN!

He was so blessed to celebrate with some of his "boys". One of his friends was very new and had just recently arrived from Japan the night before! For him it was actually 12am in the morning. Kids are SO resilient!
The day was PERFECT. It was so hot... The previous weeks had been a combination of wet and cold. But, on the special day, it hit the mid-90s and not a rain drop in the sky; just what we needed.
My guy is officially 10 and has celebrated with all of the special people in his life. We are blessed...

Well, this was the last hoorah...These guys have had a wonderful summer and will be back to school in a blink of an eye...


  1. Beautiful souvenirs for a great moment (officially 10)doesn't happen every year isn't it? Love the photo montage and the pool shot!

  2. Such a lovely party and end to the summer holidays for Noah and his friends. These are the memories he and you and his Dad will have all your lives.

    1. Yes, so true Lynn. It was the perfect day. :)

  3. Great pics! Going to water fall is great fun and this waterfall seems to be very interesting and much of fun.

  4. What a fun way to celebrate. That's why summer birthdays rock. I have to get creative for Deaglan's end of December birthday.


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