September 18, 2012

Top Five Tuesday

Watercolor Painting by Julia of Adirondack Mama

 Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday where I share some of my favorite discoveries!

1) I won this beautiful watercolor painting from Julia. Check her out!

2) Do something amazing today...

3) I want a set of these to play with...

4) What is your life's theme?

5) This is such a great way to share some love with your kiddos!

I hope you found something inspiring. Thanks for joining me and come again soon!!


  1. Love these posts Gerri :) I want a set of those wooden blocks to play with! Thanks for the links!

    1. My pleasure, glad you're enjoying the links. ;)

  2. That painting really speaks to my heart. And I love the list of amazing things. I can certainly brush up on the one about not creating drama where there doesn't have to be any:)

    1. Oh my...yes, I'm still working on that point to...


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