September 27, 2012

Tuning-In Confirmation Baby!

My first camera-sell on October 7, 2011

I have a story to tell...

Over a year ago I discovered a woman, Susannah Conway. Her eCourse, Unravelling, opened up some brewing passions in me. I discovered that I had a LOVE for vintage cameras.

During that time I was making a connection with another blogger, Sara. She loved my photos so much that she mentioned that I should sell my photos on Etsy. I thanked her and put that idea in a mental pocket.

Here's where the "tuning-in" happened... One day, I was doing my usual stroll through a Salvation Army thrift store and I saw this camera,

In an instant, I had a tiny little whisper of intuition, God, Spirit say, "You could sell cameras on Etsy." I purchased this camera and two other ones as well, that day.

I'm telling you this story because it's an eCourse assignment. I was asked to remember and write about when I felt intuition had paid off. I'm pretty sure that listening and doing what I heard has paid off. Here's my confirmation that I tuned in and was right to move forward.

1) Yesterday, I had my 50th sale.
2) I've made new connections online because of my shop.
3) I've furthered my knowledge of photography and have been approached about teaching.
4) and finally...

Today, the day I just so happened to sit down and do this story/homework, marks my shop's 1 year anniversary...coincidence? NO, that's confirmation baby!!


  1. Very cool Gerri! Way to turn what you love into a business... keep it up!!
    xx tj

  2. That is awesome! Just think what another year will bring :)

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!!
    {and you know i always type in lower case i really mean this!!!!}

    1. Hahaha, yes!!! I know you do! Thanks Hon! xxO

  4. Wow. I love how you turn coincidence on its ear and call it CONFIRMATION! Thanks for sharing your story, Gerri!

  5. Loved this post - isn't it great what happens when we follow our intuition? Congratulations on the anniversary of your shop xxx

  6. definite confirmation!! congratulations on your one-year anniversary and expanding on something that you love. and hey...i've gotta check out your shop! :)

  7. An interesting and amazing story. I really must check out ETSY. Good for you.

  8. Congratulations Gerri. So pleased that you have been able to make this happen.


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