October 10, 2012

The Poet

Shot in Toronto, Canada with my Polaroid SX-70 Alpha SE using expired 600 film
She's beauty
She's grace and love
She sells her words for money
She needs this money to live
She's, the poet...

Her words...

What started out as just an opportunity to take a picture of this beautiful woman, turned into something deeper for me. As Devin and I were walking by, she asked me if I wanted to buy some poetry. I declined. Instead I asked her if I could shoot her and I would donate to her cause... She insisted on giving me a poem anyway for my payment. I walked away and quietly read her words. She deserved way more than I had given her for her bravery.

Does it matter MORE if someone "looks" poor?



  1. So interesting and thought provoking...thank you, Gerri!

  2. First of all, the photo is so cool. I love the yellow coloring and the surreal look. I had to sit for awhile and just study it -- the alley, the trash, her bag and papers, the graffiti on the brick wall, her small smile and crossed boots -- there's so much! I also loved how this photo is a complete visual circle, meaning I can start from the left and my eye can travel a complete circle and still see interesting things. That's not easy for photographers to do. I'm impressed.

    Now,regarding her words. I find them sad. It is truly a statement against us as a group of human beings that someone has to look the right amount of "poor" to receive help.

    1. Thanks so much Sara. I was so nervous and moved when I took this photo. I think I unconsciously was trying to get in as much of the experience/scene as possible.

      Yes, I totally agree...

  3. beauty and sadness and the seeds of contemplation...

  4. Replies
    1. Yes...great for self-reflection...

  5. Gerri, this is a disarming and wonderful post!

    1. Thanks so much. It touched me pretty deep. :)


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