December 12, 2012

Big Sis

In clockwise order: Archie; Sherri; Bethany and Me
God placed me as the Big Sis to this crew of beautiful people. Being the eldest came with a lot of responsibility. When I was younger, I would have moments when I wished I could just be me and not "Big Sis". Now, I accept the title with pride. Because, I'm who I am today in great part to being the eldest child in my family.

During our recent time together, we took our bond to another level and got matching tattoos. It was so fun and quite amazing; being there for each other, holding hands, wiping tears. Our kids and parents were there too. It was a family affair.

Here's mine...
My puzzle piece is 6 years old. The red symbol represents our Mom.
We ALL now have the puzzle piece, two of us got it years ago. We each jazzed up the remainder of our tattoo in our own unique way.

The Collins Kids...We've been through the thick and the thin together. We would fight to the death for each other. We are forever bonded through love and I'm so grateful for that.

This Thanksgiving it was so cool to see how we've multiplied... We have nine children between the four of us. It's amazing seeing these new people and reflecting on how they come from us and our spouses. What's really cool is when we hear our sibling in the laugh of our own child; or when we see each other's expression in our own offspring. This new crew of "Collins/Smalley/Waldron/Harris Kids" love each other and I am proud to see that the bond is just as strong as it was with us four and it will be forever...
peace, love and family


  1. I absolutely love it! My Family!!!

  2. peace, love, and family...about all we need.

  3. I can definitely see the resemblance! Wow!

    I think it's truly beautiful when you can see/hear a characteristic/feature a family member in your children and the children of your family.


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