February 7, 2013

My Girls

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing some beautiful art from a friend of mine, michelle gd. She's an amazing illustrator and photographer.

I came to know michelle through an online course and through our blogs. Over time, she has become a key person in my life, because we touch base at least weekly to encourage and inspire each other. We have become partners in this land of life. I'm truly blessed by her.

One of my dreams, since I discovered she was an artist, was to purchase one of her "girls". I soon decided that I couldn't purchase just one... When my girls arrived, I was filled with happiness and I was amazed at the intricacy in which michelle does her work. I can't believe how beautiful the coloring is. I think she must use colored pencils sharpened to the point of a stick pin, seriously...

Take a look at michelle's store here; where you can find her "illos". There's also an option to order something custom and special if you please.

Here are the three girls that I purchased:

Leaping-I've leapt and continue to leap...
photo by michelle gd

Spunk-I'm owning who I am each and every day...
photo by michelle gd

Voice-I feel this blog space is where I sing my tune...
photo by michelle gd

These girls speak to me; they all sing my tune. I'm so happy they're here and that I can say a lil' bit of my friend is here in my studio where I create and sing my tune for all of you.


  1. oh gerri...you are too kind. i am thrilled that these girls have found a home with you. as for the colored pencils, i sharpen them continuously while i'm working...just like the tip of a pin ;)

  2. These are so gorgeous! What beautiful
    words about the lovely Michelle! xo

  3. Oh! Michelle has a store! I love these. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. I love these! What wonderful art, words and illustrations! Thank you Gerri and Michelle for sharing with the World! My only wish...I would love to see more! xo

  5. Talented in deed! I love the last one.

  6. What a wonderful thing to find such an authentic friend through blogging. I love it! Her art is beautiful.


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