April 5, 2013

Walking in Purpose

There's a reason why we're here on this earth. Each and every one of us has a purpose.

Are you walking in that purpose? Take a moment and check in...

I find myself doing this quite often. Asking myself, "Am I on the right path?" "Am I walking in my purpose?"

Sometimes the answer is, "No". Then, I shift. I get back in alignment with my purpose. Listening to the gentle whispers that guide the way.


  1. YES! YES! YES! I am so grateful to be surrounded by beautiful friends, who get "it." I love this.

  2. Sometimes I'm confident I am on the right path and then I come to proverbial fork in the road and I'm not so sure anymore.

    I've certainly made my share of mistakes regarding which path to take, but I know there are some key signs that indicate if I chosen well:

    Am I happier?
    Am I making other happier?
    Am I able to stop and "smell the roses" occasionally?

    Thoughtful post, Gerri...thank you:~)

    1. Mistakes are SO part of the journey. It's the learning from them that so key... xxO

  3. Yes, I think this is so necessary. I often find myself too focused on the surface and have to readjust and go in. At these times I have to go back to a piece of inspiring literature, get back into the routines with the kids that make me feel good and accomplished, and pray more often.

    1. Oh, such good reconnection techniques... I'm taking note. xxO


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