July 26, 2013

Roid Week 2013

We film photographers love a challenge. Recently, The Impossible Project had its annual Roid Week. This does not refer to a medical condition but to making photographs with Polaroids.

Here are my submissions for the week.
"My Boy" Created using my SX-70 Alpha SE using expired 600 film.

"Ocean View" Created using my SX-70 Alpha SE using expired 600 film.

"Windy Light" Created using my SX-70 Alpha SE using original PX 600 Silver Shade film.

"Blooming" Created using my SX-70 Alpha SE using expired 600 film.

"Buds" Created using my SX-70 Alpha SE using expired 600 film.
Making film photographs takes a great deal of patience. My friend Susannah has a guide that can help if you're new to Polaroids. Check out the free guide here.

What inspirational challenges have you participated in this Summer? I'd love to hear!!


  1. so fun to see your submissions!
    i especially like the image of the light fixture.

    1. Thanks bunches! It took lots of tries to get this one. :)

  2. I also liked the light fixture, but enjoyed each picture. The one of Noah is really cool. This will sound strange, but he has such a nice shape to his head and I liked that you took the picture from behind. The one of beach view is also nice.

    You've become an amazing photographer. I can't believe this is all expired film. So cool, Gerri:~)

    1. Thanks Sara! I love Noah's shot... I agree about his head. ;) (not strange at all)

      Thank you so much for the amazing encouragement you give me. xxO

  3. Beautiful pictures - my fave is of Noah, this seems to tell a story, there is a sense of intrigue in it x

    1. Ah, thanks bunches. He's my favorite to photograph. :)


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