August 27, 2013

Cave Adventure

Recently, we took a family trip and one of our stops was Mammoth Cave. It was an amazing adventure...

The guys were ready and a little goofy to start.

Although I had my camera with me, I was so mesmerized with the experience that I didn't photograph well at all. Here are a couple of images that were decent enough to post.

The entire cave was a cool 54°, which is what it stays, year round, no matter what the temperature is on the surface. At one point we were over 300 feet underground. During the dive/hike/tour I kept trying to imagine how it was for the First/Native Americans who once lived here. I thought about how challenging it must have been parenting a toddler in these dark, low, narrow and twisty spaces...

Our guide was an expert and shared so much rich history with us. One thing being that he's a fourth generation participant in the history of this cave. His family have been tour guides, managers of the facilities, engineers and more. What pride he showed. (If you look closely, he's in my first cave photo, looking out over the railing.) Again, what pride he has in this place.

Another amazing piece of history was related to a man who drew a map of the cave from memory. He'd done this after traveling miles and miles of the cave in the dark. He was so gifted and was known as "The Guide". Visitors from all over the world would ask for him to give them their tour when they arrived. His name was Stephen Bishop.

Warm Temps on the surface + Cold Lens from leaving a cold cave = Foggy Lens and Accidental Beauty

This adventure was a first for me and will not be my last. I am intrigued and would love to explore more caves and their amazing history. However, I must admit... I was SO happy to see this sight again.


  1. caves are like a whole other world, aren't they?!

    so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. At the beginning, I laughed at the pictures of your "guys." It's fun when people share moments of just being silly:~) We all should do it more often -- it's good for the soul.

    Then you switched to the cave. WOW. It was interesting to read about this cave and your guide. Yes, I could see him in the first picture. It's also amazing about the man who drew the cave from memory after walking them. That's a neat fact to know and a feat not easy to do.

    Finally, the last picture. Don't you love it when you think a picture might end up a mistake, but then it surprises you and is so perfect and beautiful, like this one:~)

    Have a great day, Gerri.

    1. Yes, silliness and laughter feed the soul...
      It was an amazing experience...
      Happy, beautiful mistakes...

  3. Your words paint such a picture of the experience. I think I would have been very happy to see those trees again, too. I have a thrill of dread thinking about being that far below ground! You make it sound so enchanting, though. :)

    1. It was such an amazing experience, but, oh my arriving to the surface was a relief! ;)

  4. I love caves! There's something so exhilarating about them. I think they speak to the explorer in all of us. Have you seen the world's biggest cave that was just discovered 4 years ago in Vietnam? It's stunning!

    1. Yes, so true...
      No, I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing the link!


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