August 14, 2013

You Have Every Right

There are times in your life when you have a plan and then things happen that throw that plan into flux. I recently wrote a post about the need to stop. The need to not create and just be. The miraculous thing is that I found healing in this process.

My roller-coaster ride of life landed me in the hospital and I realized during that stay that, I had every right. I had every right to change my mind. I had every right to advocate for myself. I had every right to hold on to my power and not "give it away"... (Thanks Tracey!) With that revelation, I rested.

Somehow recently, and I know in parts due to this wonderful course, the layers of cobwebs have been peeling off my creative flow. Please know that this wasn't intentional. But, I guess it was inevitable. Because, when you surrender and let your life's course happen, beauty comes, clarity comes, healing, comes...

I'm creatively alive again and I'm feeling more and more vibrant each day...


  1. I am so happy you gave yourself the time to rest, and that the muse has come back to play.
    Love you. xo

  2. a lovely lesson in surrender.
    (you are living your word, my dear).

    1. :) Thank you for being there during this journey. xxO

  3. Wonderful to hear you are feeling better, Gerri... Thank you for the important reminder. xo

  4. there's your word!! So glad to hear that you are feeling the creative spirit. Love to hear how it is manifesting.... xo

    1. Haha. Yes, Cat. There's no escape! xxO

  5. Gerri,

    It's funny. I realized I'd already commented on your latest post, but scrolled down to find this one and wondered how I missed it.

    Just know this....timing is everything. This post was exactly what I needed to read today, especially these words: "Because, when you surrender and let your life's course happen, beauty comes, clarity comes, healing comes..."

    My summer was rough and my creative self kind of went in hibernation, but we are now emerging again slowly.

    Blogging is so fascinating. You almost find something just right when out visiting. Today, you gave me that gift, even if by accident.

    Have a great weekend:~)

    1. Sara, I'm so glad this post spoke to you. When I wrote it, I needed it too. ;)
      Sending you wishes of clarity and light as you emerge again.
      Take care!


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