December 8, 2013


Our world lost an inspirational hero.

Our entertainment hearts lost a generous actor.

My family is reflecting on the anniversary of the passing of our Nanny.

Loss happens; it's inevitable. Unfortunately, we're rarely ready.

So, cherish the present. Be mindful of what's right in front of you. The moment will fade and I'm sure that when you look back, you would wish to have no regrets...



  1. I am soo sorry for your loss, G. Your words are very true, and we should all be reminded of the sentiment on a regular basis. Sending Love and Hugs. xoxo

  2. Ah, wise words from a wise woman!

    I often struggle during these holidays because I lost my father around Christmas time, but I liked what you said about loss happening. It's true about not getting too caught in loss and missing the joy in the present.

    I'm sure those we've lost would not want us to dwell on their passing, but rather us appreciate the life they lived and the joys they shared with us:~)

    1. Oh Hon...hugs and love to you. Yes, I'm giving myself permission to be sad when I feel it and then feeling the joy of memories and the present.

      Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Oops, I forgot to tell you...I love the scrolling pictures:~)

  4. wise words. and beautiful reminder. sorry for your loss of love one. yes, we are destined to always one day miss the days in front of us. XO


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