December 12, 2013

Today Was Mild

I rose this morning having tossed and turned the night before. I knew that what faced me was a full day of work in very cold weather, in a room filled with 4 year olds and their teachers; teachers on edge, nervous of me and my clipboard as I observed and assessed their program.

What transpired turned out to be one of the most challenging days in my career history. You see, within five minutes of entering the classroom, my clipboard had to be put away. A little girl needed me, and then another, and then another. Within ten minutes, I was a teacher again, working alongside two amazing women.

Did you know there were children out there that are hurting SO much that they scream and cry for hours on end? Did you know there were children out there that are hurting SO very much that they throw chairs, punch people, turn over tables and throw blocks at other children and their teacher? Yeah, it was one of those days.

As I reflect and remember, I smile... Because, at one point, I was holding the hands of three little children (yeah, we teachers can do that) as I then leapt to stop one child from punching another for the third time. Yeah, it was one of those days.

But, you know what? I'm blessed. I'm blessed because God gave me a gift. He gave me superpowers today. I am wowed because, although I was unable to take any notes during this day long observation, somehow when I sat down to retrieve the information needed from my brain, it was ALL there!! I could remember the whole day!!! I wrote furiously for two hours because I didn't want to lose a drop of the precious memories...

I told the teachers, as we sat in the debris of the day, that I was amazed at their grace. I was honest with them and admitted that at one point I wanted to cry from overwhelm. I told them how grateful I was that people like them were there for children with such intense needs.

I have a bigger job tomorrow. I have to share my insight with the powers that be. Because, I was a visitor today. Usually, it's just the two of them... and they shared with me that, "Today was mild."

Hug a teacher, thank a teacher, they help craft our future....


  1. Wow. Wow at them doing it day after day, wow at your ability to put down your clipboard and help. I was often asked if I wanted to be a teacher growing up, and I always knew that my capacity for tenacious compassion wasn't big enough. I'm so grateful for those who have that.

    1. Thank you Fiona. xxO You never know what tenacity lies deep within you until your faced with a situation that touches you at your center...

    2. thanks for saying that love. I suppose what I meant was my tenacity doesn't stretch that far in that situation. In my true soul callings, it's pretty impressive ;)

  2. "But, you know what? I'm blessed. I'm blessed because God gave me a gift. He gave me superpowers today." These words of yours tell me so much about you...and it's all beautiful. You are a power to be reckoned with and amaze me with your MANY gifts.

    Happy holidays and a very bright new year to you and yours:~)

    1. Bless you Sara. Thank you for being such a light of inspiration and encourment, love...
      Happiest of holidays to you!!! xxO


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