January 4, 2014

New Year, New Intentions

These words seem to be the yin and yang of each other. One feeling quiet and personal, the other feeling louder and quite expressive. 
Deepening, a space for me to deeply connect with myself, within myself. A place of peaceful still to find deeper clarity and guidance.
Play, to create with ALL of me. A space of messy freedoms, "I don't knows", and "because I want tos".
I've created Pinterest boards for each; feeling comfortable sharing "Play" and feeling the need to reserve "Deepening" for myself. 

In previous years, I had only one word of intention. So, at first, I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of two words. But now realize it's meant to be as it is. I'm content feeling that both are intentions for 2014; and each truly speak to who I am and where I'm going. 
I'm curious, what word or words have called out to you for this new year?


  1. i love your pairing of words for 2014. i, too, have chose 2 words…as you said: meant to be as it is. wishing you joy in your journey this year. xo

    1. xxO Sometimes, we're bigger than just one word! :)

  2. I also like the pairing of your intention words. I think they are both significant and important activities to have in your life.

    You made me think about my own word. What came right away was "giving." I'm not sure what it means yet, but that's the word that popped into my mind.

    Happy new year!

    1. Thank you Sara.
      Oh, I think giving is such a gracious word. One that speaks to your heart... you are so generous with what you've shared with me here on my blog. I wish you a wonderful year of seeking what "giving" means for you.

  3. Gerri,

    I stopped by and even though there's no new post, I decided to visit your "play" Pinterest board. I loved it. One of my favorites is "this is how you eat cake." I also love the "the creative adult is the child who survived." Actually, there too many I liked to included in this comment. It's a diverse, but wonderful collection. I sighed and giggled as looked through it. Now, I understand more about Pinterest. Happy day to you, my friend:~)

    1. Oh, How to eat cake is one of my favorites... Thanks so much. Pinterest has become one of my favorite online spaces. Having a place to virtually make collections has been such a nourishing thing for me. Enjoy!! Happy Day indeed :)


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