March 12, 2014

Unexpected Gratefulness

I woke up this morning overwhelmed and confused. I woke to the sound of my son's voice saying, "Mom, it's a snow day." As I looked at the clock,  I then realized with a panic, it was over TWO HOURS past my usual wake up time and I should have actually been at the carpool spot five minutes prior. Yes. Absolute. Sheer. Panic! 

Then, I suddenly remembered my son's words. I immediately checked my phone, listened to the automated message and YES, whew, indeed school was closed. Then, I thought, "OMG. Work? What am I going to do? My hubby is away on business and I'm due to two meetings at work!" So, I dialed the closing hotline for work and EUREKA, our entire building was closed too. Thank heavens...

Although I am ready to "feel" Spring, by having the sun shine on my face as I hear the birds chirping and smell the morning dew, I am grateful. 

I am grateful for this day to move at a slower pace. You see, I don't use an alarm clock. I wake every day, naturally to the rhythm of what needs to happen for that day. I guess my body is in tune and knew it could take the extra two hoursI am grateful that although I overslept, it doesn't matter. I am grateful that my job closed so that I could be home with my boy. Oh, I'm so grateful. 

As I look out the window now, I see the snow falling from the sky. The trees and bushes are getting that old familiar blanket-covering of snow that we've become accustomed to. I must admit that I'm thinking, "Wow, this is a beautiful sight and I'm grateful."

What are you grateful for?


  1. Healthy babies. Even though they've now passed on their funk on to my husband and I, it's nice to see them playing and eating and sleeping through the night again.

    1. Oh, that is a magnificent thing to be grateful for! Here's to their continued health!!! :)

  2. Ah beautiful synchronicity :)

  3. We had kind of similar approaches to our posts this week. Funny how that works. Being grateful. I am so grateful for many things.

    One of the things that immediately jumps out to me is I've been able to reconnect with a daughter in a way that brings tears to my eyes. It's not we were angry or mad at each other...just didn't have that soul connection.

    Unfortunately, it took a major crisis to help us re-engage, but I think God does that sometimes....knocks you up beside your head to get your attention. Certainly that was the case and I was reminded of WHO and WHAT is truly important in my life. So, I'm grateful for this lesson.

    That's one of the things I love so about coming here. You have so love in your heart and it comes through in your posts:~)

    1. Oh Sara,
      That's wonderful!! I'm so happy to hear that two are reconnecting. That is so vital...
      Although, I'm sorry to hear it took a major crisis, it worked out for good. God is awesome that way!!
      Bless you...xxO

  4. I really love this! I am so glad that you were able to spend that beautiful day with your boy.


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