April 23, 2014

Light from Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon has become one of my favorite authors as of late. I have two of his books that have been fueling me as an artist and business owner.  His messages come across in a very charming and simple way.

The two books I have of his are: Steal Like and Artist and Show Your Work! The illustrations are fun and the messages in each of the little books pack a big punch.

Recently, he did a talk in Austin, TX at the SXSW Interactive. Grab yourself a cup of your favorite drink to sip, sit back and take in his light.

peace out


  1. I checked out the books and they sound interesting. I'll have to come back for the video. Today's one of those "crazy days." But I appreciate the nudge towards what appears to be very inspirational books for any type of artist.

    I hope you day is going well....:~)

    1. Oh Sara, I hope your day gets better!! My day is going well, thanks bunches. xxO

  2. Are you okay? I imagine you're just really busy, but I stopped by anyway. I always enjoy looking around your site. There's always I haven't seen before, like the video. I just re-read my comment....Well, time to sit back and relax.

    Great video BTW:~)

    Be good to yourself, okay?

    1. Yes, all is well. Work is quite demanding right now. Thanks for asking, Sara! 😉 new post coming soon. xxO


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