May 16, 2014

An Episode of Light

My vintage camera shop has been open since September 2011. I'm happy to say that out of 69 sales, I've only had to issue three refunds. Why? Because stuff happens. All of the refunds have been partial ones. Two of the three were due to shipping issues.

The third, and most recent, was due to me wanting to be a woman of integrity. I had sold a camera that I said was "working", but it wasn't. So, we thought...

Read about the story here on my buyer's blog, and take in an episode of light.


  1. I read the post and enjoyed the episode of light. It a wonderful testament to YOU and to what can happen with old cameras. I liked that he 'fessed up. Some people wouldn't!

    1. Yes, He's a man of integrity and I appreciate that. :)


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