June 12, 2014

12of12 l June

I'm participating in 12of12 created by my love Amy Gretchen...

Today we're in Orlando, Florida vacationing while the hubby works.

01. My hubby went off to his meeting and came back to our room surprising me with my favorite drink.
02. The boy's been sleeping in a lot lately. I think the tweens are here for real now.
03. Noah loves putting his face in the jacuzzi. No matter how many times I tell him to stop, I still bust him doing it. :(
04. Palms and the sky get me every time.
05. Humidity + Rain = Wet Floors
06. Noah had just spotted more lightning.
07. We're off on an adventure. I'm lagging behind...
08. The hotel lobby is clearer than I've seen it all week!
09. Two words...Fritter Fries!!
10. Catching a movie. We saw the new Cruise one. It was really good!
11. I'm digging this jazzy art.
12. How cool is this paper flowered window dressing?

This was my first go at 12of12 and I had a blast!! I plan to do it again in July...

YaY for Summer!!!


  1. Loved this peek at your vacation.

  2. As always, I love your pictures. It's like getting to look through someone's memory book. Vacations should always be recorded in pictures and it looks like this one is a nice trip. I once lived in Orlando, but when it was much smaller than it is now:~) Rain and humidity are Florida summers...well, so is lightning! Enjoy yourself.

    1. Yes, Orlando was fun. But, I don't think the humidity is my favorite. My skin and hair liked it though! xxO


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