July 18, 2014

A New Stage of Development

He's home!!!

My boy went away for a week to a sleep-a-way camp. It was so hard to say goodbye because it was such a new experience having him be somewhere without any means to contact him...

Please know, I trust the directors of this camp implicitly. They are a married couple whose kids go to the same school as my boy. They are loving, responsible, organized, experts at what they do. That's the only way I would've have let him go. Noah also had some of his best buds there at camp with him. They've been friends now for 6+ years and look out for each other like brothers.

He came home tired and dingy, but also having had one of the best experiences of his life. I asked him if he could tell me his favorite thing about camp. Thinking that was too limiting I then asked for two favorite things, he could not answer me. He said there were too many things to chose from. 

I then asked him what he would change. In short, nothing...not a thing.

He and his friends had such a rich experience that they've already planned a sleepover and want to go to camp again in August. Unfortunately, the sleepover will need to wait a small bit, they were hoping to do it tonight!!! Camp ends after next week, so they will have to wait for next year....Noah will be there for sure.

Oh and the girls... Well, let's say, he has a lot of new phone numbers!! My goodness...

{all photos courtesy of camp staff}


  1. What a little ham. I am so glad he had this experience and super - duper glad he's home again with mama. xoxo

  2. Oh, that last picture -- no doubt he'll have lots of phone number with that look:~)

    It's nice to see a post up and that must mean things are going well in your life. It must have been hard to let Noah go to the camp. While my girls are grown and out of the house, I remember the first trips they made by themselves (through their school) and how nervous I was!

    The pictures say it all about Noah's experience -- it must have been fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing this:~)

    1. He had such a great time. Thanks for checking in!

  3. sounds like he had a really fantastic time, great shots too!

    1. Oh, he did! Thanks so much Justine!

  4. so great that he had such an awesome experience…ends up being a great experience for you too, as a mama, i bet.
    and that last shot…too funny!


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