November 4, 2014

Parenting Through the Mud

This role of parenting is hard. Finding the balance between being a supportive mother and still instilling values and boundaries can be so trying. With my boy being a tween, this challenge is becoming more apparent and causing me to stretch myself.

It's so difficult when you can see a path or better choices so clearly and they can't. Why is that? Why don't they just do what we say? I's their path. It's their choice. I'm here to guide my son. But ultimately, it's his choice whether or not he receives that guidance.

Pulling away from angry and easing into love, compassion and support often is a daily struggle. Frequently, I don't have the answers, and sometimes it's so hard that I want to shake someone. But then, I remember he's also this guy...

I'm learning to get quiet, look in his eyes and see that he's doing the best he can with what he's got.

We'll find our way...


  1. You're is a challenge, but our children make it worth it. I know you are a great mama and he'll appreciate your wisdom...just not all the time. My girls are adults now and long gone, but one lesson I learned is sometimes they have to find their own balance in life. It's kind of like when they learned to walk...there are usually lots of falls before the lessons takes....finding their way through adolescence requires lots of falls and a parents patience! You're right. You will find the way through the mud!

    Great pictures, as usual:~)

    1. Thanks for the wisdom Sara. Yes, our kiddos are worth it. Yes...finding their own balance. I love the walking analogy. It makes total sense. xxO

  2. oh yes, i know this. it's such a challenge some days to get quiet and move past who i am and focus on who my kids are.
    finding my way alongside you...

    1. Oh, I love that Michelle...focusing on who they are and not who I am. Learning alongside you too! xxO


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