February 5, 2015

A Little Bit of Pretty

I recently took a trip to visit dear friends in Florida. I didn't only gain some much needed R & R, but I learned an important thing about myself.

I'm a girlie-girl. I know, I know, this isn't what most people think. But, it's true. I like makeup, I like "smell goods", and I like to look pretty.

So, when my sister-friend Briony told me about monthly boxes, I was intrigued. After researching, using the almighty google.com, I found a couple of sites that led me to two new favorites. Meet my monthly pleasures Petit Vour and EcoEmi.

Both of these memberships are $15 a month with no strings attached. Meaning you can cancel after one month if you wish. I gave my mom a three-month subscription gift to EcoEmi and she LOVED it.

The way EcoEmi works is for $15 a month, the company sends sample sizes (as well as 1 or 2 full sizes) of all natural, organic and / or vegan food, body and beauty items. Every month the company is very generous. Although the box is $15, the products that come total at least double that amount.

Photo Courtesy of EcoEmi.com
I love everything in the January box. I gave away the concealer since it was a bit light for my skin tone. But, I was happy with everything else!

Petit Vour is similar except they only send body and beauty items. You get 4-5 items but, they are all vegan products-Yippee!!

Photo Courtesy of MySubscriptionAddiction.com
I gifted my blush from this month because I knew I wouldn't use it. I could have used it as an eye shadow but decided to share it away. I was still pleased with what I kept.

I'm excited to get a delivery every month. Even more, I'm happy that I'm loving on myself in this way. I'm glad that I'm making the effort to "gift myself" a little pretty each month.

I already have a box for my man and my boy starting soon...

Check out the sites I follow for box updates here:
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Check out the boxes I subscribe to here:

Currently Subscribed:
Petit Vour (for me)
Loot Crate (for the boy)

Past Subscriptions:
Gentleman's Box (for the hubby)
Eco Emi (for me) closed shop... :(

Happy Boxing!!!


  1. This sounds like fun and it's okay to be a girlie-girl:~) The products look very inviting. I will check out the sites. I have to very careful as my skin is super sensitive! But your write-up tempts me very much:~)

    Happy day to you!

    1. Yes, so much fun!! I have sensitive skin too, so using all natural/organic or vegan products is must. So far, so good. :) xxO


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