February 12, 2015

Marketing, Sales and Affiliates Oh My!!!

There's a new trend. Well, maybe not a new one. But, one I'm noticing a lot lately. It's the "Try This New Thing!!" email newsletter and/or  blog post. Specifically, it's the post where the writer will make money if you use the product they're selling.

Now, I'm not one for bashing anyone's system. Nor am I one to rain on someone else's internet money-making parade. But, the problem for me is that lately, most of the wonderful people I follow or receive email newsletters from are writing about something they want me to check out and try. There's always a free portion and then some larger portion that can be paid for.

I'm an entrepreneur. So, I get it. But, I long for a balance of postings. I long for the postings and emails that share the light, that share what drew me to that person in the first place.


  1. Boy do I get this post:~) I don't mind occasionally having a product mentioned in a blog, especially if the person posting really liked the product, but I agree with you about sharing the light, the laughter and the creativity of blogs I visit. I get energy from what I read and it is kind of difficult to get it when a post is all about a product. On the other hand, if marketing a product occasionally allows a blogger to continue, I wouldn't stop visiting.

    1. :) Yes, I don't mind it occasionally either. ;)


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