February 18, 2015

The Sting

The ocean is always a healing place for me.
To all of my peeps who are movie fans, I apologize because this post is not about the amazing movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman...

This post is about the feeling of heat that sears through me when I've been hurt by someone's insensitivity. Lately, it's been happening more frequently. It usually occurs when someone knowlingly or unknowlingly does or says something that hits me right in the heart. The burn is usually paralyzing and if I'm in the presence of that person, I quickly shrug it off. That is, at least in front of them.

The truth is I'm tough, I'm quite the warrior. But, I'm a softie too. It hurts when the sting comes. My husband says, I'm his "pure" one. What he's meaning is that I honestly get shocked by people's insensitivity. He doesn't get shocked by it. He may be tougher than me. I am so open that I let people in and then, "OUCH"!! Their need to meet their own needs, their carelessness causes harm.

What I'm learning is not that I need to shut people out, but that I do need to build up my resilience. This means that in some instances I need to put distance between myself and the other's stinging nature. Other ways are, "guarding my heart" by being sure in who I am and realizing that their stinging me is their "issue" not mine. Also, standing strong in my power and practicing that if they sting me twice, pull out the "Warrior Gerri" and call them on it.

Truth is, people are doing the best they can in any given moment. But, the other truth is I don't have to continue to allow them to hurt me.


  1. ohhhhh HONEY. C'mere and sit with me on the sofa. I will wrap you in the BIGGEST hug and then put a soft shawl around your shoulders and bring you a hot tea. THEN? we will sit and talk and talk and laugh and that wasp energy will be GONE. XOXOXO LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

    1. Oh my sweet Elizabeth, this sounds wonderful!!! I can visualize your loving embrace and I receive it. Thank you for hearing and seeing me and I can't wait until we can talk, hug and laugh face to face!!! Love you bunches and bunches... xxO

  2. Oh, I am so sorry you got stung!!! I loved Elizabeth's comment, especially what she said about "wasp energy." I agree about the Warrior Gerri.

    That said, you might as well have written this post for me! The same thing happens to me. I tend to feel the sting and not do anything. Then again, I am admittedly overly sensitive. Actually, there's now a term for what I am...it's called a "highly sensitive person"...there's even a test for it! Check it out sometime on Google. I actually found it helpful to know I'm not alone and that what I "have" has a name:~)

    Anyway, you be good to yourself. Go look in the mirror and hug yourself...that's hug from me.

    1. Thank yu Sara. Sending love to you...

      Yes, I've heard of that term before. :)


  3. from one softie to another, hearing your truth and sending love.


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